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Reykjavík City Reykjavík City

Reykjavík’s Commitment to Responsible Tourism

Reykjavík City aims to make sustainable and responsible tourism attainable.

Quality and the environment are decisive factors, which is mirrored in the tourism strategy for the city of Reykjavík. This year, Visit Reykjavík cooperated with Festa on an incentive project where over 300 companies connected with tourism, declared their participation in responsible tourism by agreeing on clear and simple measures. Visit Reykjavík works in a very close collaboration with Safetravel, creating an official source for safe adventure in Iceland.

In addition, Visit Reykjavík supports the The Icelandic Pledge, a public-private partnership established to improve the competitiveness of Iceland by promoting Iceland as a tourism destination. The Reykjavík City Card, a product offered by Visit Reykjavík offering easy, affordable and green access to the city's museums and galleries, geothermal pools and public transport, builds on the city’s step to being more eco-friendly.